Yahoo! Pulse Redesign

Develop and design concepts for the next generation of Y! Pulse.

Social Games Integration

Featured the hottest social games from Zynga and others on Y! Pulse.

Topics / Interests

Discover the latest content and news about the topics you care.

Localization App

Internal translation system used by professional translators and marketing managers.

User Generated Translation

An web app that would allow everyone to translate some Yahoo! products into every major language on earth.

Yahoo! Messenger 9.0

UI and skin design. Received the Best IM Client of the Year and Best Designed IM (GUI) Awards in 2009 on

Yahoo! Insider

Blue-sky design exploration. Social updates integration.

Mac Messenger 3.0

2009 and 2010 Best Mac IM Awards on

Plug-in & Picker

Plug-ins for Yahoo! Messenger (Win) that allow user to watch videos and browse photos with friend.

Website Design & My Y! themes

Designed and maintained messenger and Created splash pages for marketing promotion and holidays themes for My Yahoo!.

T-shirt and hoodie

Created hoodie and t-shirt for different project teams.

Icons & Emoticons

Vector icons and illustrations for web and apps.